• Jesus is Lord

  • Repentance

  • Every knee shall bow

  • Understanding the times

  • The end of the age

  • For the elect's sake

  • The Rapture

  • Be ye holy for i am holy

  • The narrow Path

  • Finish your race

  • Unity of the church

  • Understanding ministry

  • The legacy of faith

  • It is all about Jesus

  • Jesus is coming soon

  • Now is the time for salvation

  • Tomorrow maybe too late

  • Don't Quit

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New Level I classes begin  January, 2021



My passion for this great commission was first ignited in the year 2003 during a personal prayer and fasting retreat in Buea Cameroon specifically.

Preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ has been one great fulfilling experience as souls are saved, chains are broken, yokes destroyed, Jesus Christ glorified daily.

Understanding Christ's commendable love over our souls is of great importance. Remember, we are in the last days and the word of God has forewarned  "many" would be offended. As we see today, many have fallen from grace and are now heeding to strange doctrines. 


Remember a broken spirit is not the same thing as an offended spirit. We all have to be our brother's keeper encouraging one another these last days. 

​Your actions today are binding principles to stand resolute to the most intricate issue affecting the body of Christ the Church, and the world at large.

Jesus is coming soon, time is running out.

Now is the time for a change. 

Joseph Ebua

Dear visitors,


Clinging to bible verses, developing an attitude that gravitates towards prayer, especially in the gaps will certainly create and environment for the spirit of God. Don’t give up on this discipline; persevere in it; keep returning to prayer. When prayer comes to the forefront of your life, you’ll carve out even more time for the discipline.

We all navigates trials in life. You might lose your job, lose a family member or a friend, come down with an illness, have unexpected expenses, or experience loss. You know trials can take your prayer life towards a dead end, but trials can also cause your prayer life to flourish if you are determine to seek the face of God.


What determines the path you take your prayer life when you face a trial will all depends on your personal convictions

In James 1:2-5. Trials are testings that press the man under trial into God for wisdom. Fundamentally, the path you take is determined by the posture you take to God. The foolish or prideful will head down a dead end path. The wise and humble will seek after God. When you face a trial, set your heart upon God. Run to him, and run to him in prayer. Psalms 50:15

Do you know, some circumstances we ask God to CHANGE are often the circumstances God uses to CHANGE US?

You can't afford to give up now!

Don't stop trusting HIM

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